20 years

20 Years Blue Snow Imaging

This week marks the start of Blue Snow Imaging, 20 years ago. I was nervous to take the big step at the time, but very motivated to make this business a succes.
The business where I had learned the craft of webdesign was sold to another party not too long before. With two very young children and a flexible boss I already worked remotely often and by starting my own business instead of buying the existing one, I didn’t have the added burden of office rent and expensive phone lines.

It was the time of hand coded HTML websites and the challenge was to make all websites look unique. Building up my own client base was my other challenge.
From the beginning I tried to treat my clients well. Many felt like brothers and sisters to me (and still do!). Often I started with one client and then family members and friends followed. Word of mouth was all that I really needed.

Clients from east to west

So 20 years ago I was nervously sitting behind a computer at a government’s office in Thunder Bay to go through the business registration.
Today we have clients from the Netherlands in the east all the way to Manitoba in the west. One hand-coded HTML website still gets updated on a regular basis. Most other websites we actively work on, are now WordPress websites. Most Thunder Bay clients are still with us, even though we moved to Manitoba. For most we have developed more than one website throughout the years. We would like to thank all the clients who trusted us with their website. It means a lot to us.

After our move to Manitoba, we were asked to be a contractor for Forest Computers. This means we take care of all web development needs including maintenance for their clients. We are proud that our work was noticed and thank them for all their trust as well.

20 year gear

To celebrate this beautiful milestone, we will soon get some gear with our logo on it. I have permission to share the mock-up and can’t wait to show you some real pieces.

It has been a great ride with lots of creativity and beautiful imagery.
Lots of text writing and word smithing.
Lots of laughs and some tears.
It was and is all worth it.

We are ready to take on the next 20 years!!

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