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A typical day of a webdesigner

What makes the profession of a webdesigner and having different kinds of clients so much fun, is the totally different worlds that open up.

On a typical day quite recently, I found myself perched on a bed with a load of books, hovering over my daughter, who was wearing fun socks to take a picture for a new client: a library.
I found myself drawing a few flowers for another new client: a bee keeper.
I was also trying to figure out the essence of another business that is working on their first website.
Next, I was doing a video call with a client in Thunder Bay, figuring out their next steps in testing an online payment gateway.
After that I was updating the assortment of chicks that an existing client is offering this year.

While I was working for each client, I was looking at their needs from their perspective. I was enthusiastic about selecting the books, I was smelling the flower that I was drawing, I really put myself in the shoes of the client with their first website and was figuring out how to stream the online payments of the other client. I envisioned people browsing the new collection of chicks I was adding on the feed store website.

It was a typical day for me, full of creativity, hope, anticipation and just fun. Juggling multiple projects at a time, keeping everyone informed where I stand with their project, asking for input and feedback.

The challenges every day brings keeps life interesting.

We hope our enthusiasm for your business rubs off! We often see clients become more happy about their business or organization because their emerging new website inspires them to reach out in a certain direction. That is what we like to see!