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Gerald’s Custom Handyworks

When we approached Gerald to do work for us, he told us his old website needed an overhaul of some sort. Websites do have a life span and with the development of WordPress and the increased need to make sure a website adjusts to several screen sizes, older websites do show their age probably even faster than ever before. That doesn’t mean that older website always look bad, they just can look so much better. Check out the result on https://geraldscustomhandyworks.com.

Home page of the website
The new website

We wanted to work with bigger images, more “calls-to-action” and a way to showcase the services Gerald and his team offer, but also show off some of his latest projects. We wanted to make sure visitors get to know his team and we wanted Gerald to have a prominent spot for the great customer reviews that he sent us. He also sent us interesting photos of the most recent projects he had worked on and it was a joy to be able to showcase those projects with big photos that easily adjust to smaller screen sizes. The Contact page has an email form and offers a quick way to see if Gerald can help you with your project, given your location.
Gerald supplied most photos, but Blue Snow Imaging supplied some as well, and did a lot of copywriting. We always made sure the client had lots of possibilities to give feedback and offer alternative texts where needed.

Gerald wanted to keep working with his own host, which we felt was a totally OK choice and we adjusted accordingly.
We look back at a very fun project and will keep doing some maintenance and adjustments in the background, but gave Gerald some tools to add content to his new website.

We are very proud to add this one to our line-up!