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Our Approach


1: Matching your needs

Tell us about your business or organization and your hopes and dreams for your new website and other marketing materials

We make sure our approach meets your needs and expectations. We want to make you 100% happy in the end, so you spread the word!

Tell us about your passion

If you are enthusiastic about nuts and bolts, it inspires us to create a website that reflects just that.

Finding the essence

Often with the camera in hand, we find the essence of a business or organization. The love for wholesome food for example, the colours of the walls and the ingredients. Resulting in a website that reflects a business well.

2: What We bring to the table

Great listening skills, a friendly approach, and a wealth of experience with a wide variety of clients

Concrete design ideas on how to showcase your business or organization, using text that is easy to read and powerful images

We take copyrights seriously and make sure we follow the proper steps to get permissions and work with a written agreement to back that up


3: The website development process

We get to work with your images and texts and fill in the blanks with our own photography and copywriting skills, while you can watch our progress 24/7

We adjust according to your feedback and decide together when the website is ready to go live

High-quality photography at your fingertips

The Thunder Bay Feeds websites is full of our own photography, depicting horses, poultry, dogs and cats and many more in a real-life setting .

The long term

Although none of our clients pay set monthly maintenance fees, it doesn't mean they don't stick around! Chaltrek has been with us since 2005 and they are not the only clients from that era. We recently built a website that allows Chaltrek to do their own price updates.

4: Website management

We take care of all future software updates

We are stand-by to take care of regular updates to the text and images. No monthly maintenance fees!

We will jump in to take care of any technical issues