Website and some photography for Feed and Farm Store – Murillo, ON

Thunder Bay Feeds is a well-known store in the Thunder Bay, Ontario area. They sell horse tack, supplements, buckets, fencing, boots, bedding, poultry, gifts, grass seed, you name it. For their website, banners and other promotional materials, we have taken lots of photos. Some can still be found on their current website and show a product in use, animals in the pasture, and just seasonal photos around a typical hobby farm in the area to use as background photos for banners etc. It makes marketing materials more real, and helps people dream away when they try to set up their own little gem in the country. We also went into the store to take quick pictures of products on the shelf, but even those can look great!
We discovered that there are not a lot of good-quality pictures available of baby chicks of several breeds and how they develop into adults. We took it upon us to raise a few, just to be able to show them off on the Thunder Bay Feeds website. These chickens had wonderful lives after their photo shoots, by the way. Even their eggs were photo worthy.
Their current website is the third we have designed for them since 2004 and we are very grateful for the amount of trust they have given us. Their current website on offers an online catalog, easy navigation and featured products on the home page.