Website for Safe Cycling – Thunder Bay, ON

When you get asked to do a second website for an organization it always is a huge honour. That was the case with this website for Safe Cycling Thunder Bay.

Safe Cycling, a cycling education program delivered by EcoSuperior Environmental Programs, organizes bike related events and courses for the general public, schools and organizations in and around Thunder Bay, Ontario. These events and courses are led by Safe Cycling Instructors who are certified and focus on safety: from helmets and proper functioning bikes to traffic rules and cycling skills.

We worked hard to create a website that is inviting, builds trust and explains all the elements of Safe Cycling Thunder Bay’s activities. The website has a lot of functionality that make the photos stand out, which helped to showcase the fun participants have when they are part of Safe Cycling Events. The photos were taken by local photographers and the website development meetings mostly took place online. Our location near Winnipeg, MB didn’t make any difference!

The website needs to be seen on-line to appreciate fully: