Website & Photography for true north Dental – Winnipeg, MB

We are proud to present the new website for true north Dental clinic. The image on the left is not showing all the details, se we encourage you to have a look at it yourself:

It all started when they asked us for some ideas for updating their existing website. Well, we always have ideas. From text to photos and from blog topics to how to create a welcoming atmosphere on a website…we will help you get inspired.

Next, true north Dental decided to not only ask us to create their full new website, but we were also asked to do most of the photography.
This kind and caring clinic needed some real-life photos with people in it. A lot of the photos on their new website are impressions of real conversations between the dentist and the variety of people who came in for the photo shoot. To take pictures of an actual exam and the chat about what the dentist noticed, made the shoot real and human.

We also took care of most of the portrait photos of the team members and did the indoor photos of the clinic plus some outdoor impressions of the area where the clinic is located, in downtown Winnipeg.

Blue Snow Imaging developed the website using the images as a guiding force and worked closely with true north Dental staff to create a website that is inviting and pleasant to look at, with valuable information on some services they offer.

Megan, you are a blast to work with!!