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Working hard :-)

We have suggested writing a blog for a website to multiple clients. Writing a blog helps to build trust and changing, meaningful website content will make you more relevant.
But we know all too well how daily work can get in the way of writing articles. In our case, clients always come first and our own website comes second.

We have worked on a series of new websites in the last few months and have featured some of them in pour portfolio, so you can see what type of websites we can produce for clients. More websites will soon be revealed as well. We also work with websites that are not designed by us, but need some maintenance…heavy maintenance in some occasions.
A WordPress website needs regular updates of all the software pieces, which we typically do for our clients to avoid security-related issues or white screens that indicate a technical problem. In some cases a plugin may be abandoned and we are asked to find a replacement or added functionality is needed and we will be looking for solutions. So far I don’t think there was ever a problem we could reproduce that we couldn’t solve.

From a dental office in downtown Winnipeg, Manitoba to Safe Cycling Thunder Bay, in Thunder Bay, Ontario and even a client in the Netherlands that we hope to add to our portfolio soon, they all were on our minds for an extended amount of time in the last year and we continue to keep an eye on their website on a daily basis. It was time to at least mention that, so you know we are still very much alive and taking on new projects! Let us know if you like us to possibly take on yours!